Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Topics and Coverage

Hi! This blog is designed to reinforce learning about the system we know as Siebel. Wikipedia gives a good history about Siebel and the general idea is that it was created by Thomas Siebel and Patricia House; was sold to Oracle and if you need more information then feel free to click on the link. Also, this blog will provide some materials about billing fundamentals, call handling skills, grammar review and accent training as well. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll really be able to come up with good writings for the topics I have mentioned here. Just like any other book or reading material, allow me to dedicate this blog to my previous trainees who advised me to come up with an online script to help individuals who wish to learn even outside the training room.

So, below are the initial topics that we will cover for Siebel:

  • How to Search for Customer Accounts
  • How to Create PTP
  • How to Process Payments
  • How to Set-up Direct Debit
  • How to Change the customer's Billing Address
  • How to Add Contacts
  • How to find the P.U.K. Code
  • How to find the I.M.E.I.
  • How to Change Plans
  • How to Change Phone Numbers
  • How to Disconnect Services
  • How to Process the Magic C

Wow!!! That is some list, but I'm going just all spontaneous and I bet there will be more topics for me to add. Hope you're excited as I am! The real concept is for me to provide step by step, dummy proof instructions with pictures that will help you remember how such modifications are processed. Just a disclaimer, due to privacy policy all screenshots will NOT contain real customer information and they will have colored fonts that will really shout at you. 

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