Saturday, April 6, 2013

How to Process Payments

Payments in Siebel can only be processed with the use of the customer's credit card. Before processing a payment, it is a good idea to check the due date of the bill and the payable amount. If the customer can not fulfill the full amount on the due date, processing a PTP is recommended. The process is very short and easy but  it may become challenging if you don't know where to find the Payment Tab. Apparently, the tab has been in hiding for the longest time. For the instructions, the first 3 steps are the same as PTP; just setting your expectations.

Step 1
Once you have pulled up the customer's account, you will have the Customer Portal  Page.  Inside the Current Billing Accounts' Applet highlight the applicable Billing Account Number. Click on the "Balance" button to launch the balance pop-up box. 

Step 2
Determine if the customer has a payable amount and check the due date by downloading the bill. Close the pop up by clicking on the X on the upper right corner.

Step 3
Click on the Billing Account No. hyperlink to proceed to the Billing Account List Page where you will find and click on the "Balance" tab.

Step 4
The payment tab is hidden and to find it, you need to click on the pull-down menu on the right side and click on payments.

Step 5
Processing the payment is easy. Just type in the credit card information of the customer on the blank fields and click on the Submit button. 

The receipt number will appear and you need to ask the customer to take note of the details and you need to paste it on your notes for documentation. Should there be an error, just try processing the payment again and double check the credit card number. If the payment is not accepted by the system, ask the customer for another credit card. 

Now that we know how to process the payment, let's talk about the details that you need to know about credit cards. 

Credit Card Number (13 TO 16 DIGITS)

Expiration Month and 
Expiration Year - details are printed on the card

CVC  (*three digit number on the back of the card)

Visa, MasterCard or Diners Club would have a
 3-digit CVV (Customer Verification Value) at the back of the card

American Express would have the 4-digit CID (Confidential Identifier Number) printed above the account number on the face of the card.

Payment Amount - this can be more or less than the customer’s current balance as some customers may want to make advance payments or are paying as part of a PTP.

It is best to follow the protocol of your institution when it comes to credit card privacy policy. In most cases the credit card number is not allowed to be read back to the customer. Always treat credit card payments with utmost security as you are working on sensitive customer information. Never type the credit card details on anything aside from the credit card field on the system. 

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