Thursday, April 4, 2013

How to Create PTP

Promise To Pay or payment extension is a simple process in Siebel. Customers would call to have a payment extension since they are aware that they will not be able to pay their bills on or before the due date; and to avoid any suspension or barring of the services they will set a new date to settle the account and we need to process the details in Siebel. The PTP doesn't exempt the customer of the Late Payment Fee of $15 if their bill is more than $100. Always remember that the Minimum PTP amount is the Overdue Balance and the Maximum PTP amount is the Overdue Balance plus any due balance. For the detailed step by step instructions, please refer to the screenshots below.

Step 1
Once you have pulled up the customer's account, you will have the Customer Portal  Page.  Inside the Current Billing Accounts' Applet highlight the applicable Billing Account Number. Click on the "Balance" button to launch the balance pop-up box.

Step 2
Determine if the customer has a payable amount and check the due date by downloading the bill. Close the pop up by clicking on the X on the upper right corner.

Step 3
Click on the Billing Account No. hyperlink to proceed to the Billing Account List Page where you will find and click on the "Balance" tab.

Step 4
On the Promise to Pay applet, click on the "New" button to create a PTP Line Item.

Step 5
The line item will contain the Date Created details and the Status will be Pending. Scroll down and click the "New" button on the Promise To Pay Installment applet.

Step 6
Populate the Installment Due Date field by clicking on the product picker icon or just type in the date following the format DD/MM/YYYY. The due date must be within your delegation for it to be accepted by the system. 

Step 7
Populate the Installment Amount field by typing in the amount or use the product picker icon. The amount must be within your delegation. Afterwards, click on the "Submit" button. Beside the Installment Amount, the "Pending" status will change to "Accepted" indicating that the PTP has been accepted by the system.

Whenever we create a PTP in Siebel, always make sure that we are not going beyond our delegation for both the Installment Due Date and Installment Amount. If the PTP is beyond your delegation please consult your supervisor. 

Tip: Creating a PTP order inside the Billing Account List Page is as simple as clicking "New, New, Date, Amount and Submit". 

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